Earl Blumenauer’s Lapel Pin

This is a confident man

The talking heads are generally an uninspiring lot. Dark suited and desperate to regurgitate their practiced sound bites. The constant yapping often serves as background noise while I do other things.

But today my eye catches something neon. It’s a bicycle. On a lapel. Next to a bow tie. On a handsome, well spoken silver haired daddy.

Meet Earl Blumenauer. A Congressman from Portland, Oregon. Known for his support of mass transit and bicycling. In Washington he bikes to work.

On his Wikipedia page my favorite bit says: Beginning in 2017, he has skipped every State of the Union address by President Trump, stating “I refuse to be a witness to his continued antics.”

A quick search tells me he’s been sporting this quirky look since the 90s. He made a splash in the UK.

All the right moves. And damn, this man is fine.

1997 – about 50 years old

Like a fine wine.