Brian Ramey Work Samples

The information on this page is proprietary and only meant to be shared with the link recipient.

New Premium View Rollout (eLearning)

I designed this lesson to introduce a new view to an existing customer management system. The rollout began with agents identified as “Pilots.” So the idea of a test pilot in space was used to create interest and consistency through the lesson. I created this in Adobe Captivate and captured a video showing the interaction through the lesson.

e-Learning Software Simulation Instructions (eLearning)

I created this video instruction to show the learners how to navigate an immersive scenario lesson. The video narration as the learner is walked through a Storyline 360 lesson.

Instructor Led Materials

This storyboard is focused on the user navigation through the lesson. I created scenarios and the coding in Storyline to facilitate learner exploration.

I created this transition animation to create a consistent look for an eLearning. The music and movement lets the learner know they are advancing the learning path.